How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

Cleaning the air ducts may look like an unnecessary task to many but it is something that you cannot neglect for too long. There are many who wait for the odour to become highly perceptible and call the cleaners. However, it is advised to keep your air ducts cleaned in a timely manner. If you are clueless about when exactly you need to get the ducts cleaned, we are going to tell you some symptoms through which you can ensure that it is time to get the job done.

If you notice the following things happening at your home or office, then get the ducts cleaned right away:


As soon as the dust piles up inside the duct air they become palpable when you switch on the HVAC system. You get a puff of dust whenever to switch on the air conditioner and that’s the first sign that the air ducts need cleaning. The dust is not visible but you will be able to feel it on your face and in air. Air registers also cause this problem sometimes, but it is the air ducts which happen to be the primary source of dust.


This is the most conspicuous sign that your air duct needs cleaning. In our modern houses equipped with tools and technology, there are only a few places from where you can expect the smell to brew. Ducts are not most noticeable of them and they seldom start harboring dust and debris which soon start giving out a stench. If you can’t find anything in the kitchen, bathroom, and the other corners, it is the duct which is most probably causing the smell.

Visible Debris

The debris that accumulates on air registers and inside the duct can be considered as visible debris. The easiest way to check the debris is to look at the air registers and other visible spots. You may be able to dust it off from the visible spaces but when you will have to call a specialist for getting rid of the debris that is hoarding inside.

Intermittent air flow

When the dust starts to accumulate on air registers and other spaces inside the duct, the air flow gets hindered on and off. Another reason for that is the leaky ducts for which you need to contact your HVAC technician.

Blockade in Air Filters

Clogged air filters are one of the potent indicators of air ducts filled with debris. It starts to impact the overall functioning of the HVAC system and cleaning is the only solution for it.

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